Diesel Generator Sub Stations

Product Description

Diesel Generator Sub Stations

Custom ISO Container Based Sub Stations
Typically ranging from around 500kVA to 2000kVA (ask about larger systems).

An uninterrupted high or low voltage power supply is crucial to many businesses and industries. Our sub stations are providing primary or emergency standby power in hospitals, prisons, fire stations, schools, oil rigs, factories and data centres.

Features Can Include: • BMS Integration• Electrical & Mechanical

Interlocked Changeover

• Power Factor Correction

• Switched Distribution

• Engine Control

• Automatic Fuel Shut-off System

• Internal/External Lighting

• Humidity Control


• Integrated (or Integrationwith existing) UPS Systems• Sound Attenuation

• Air Cooling

• Bulk Fuel Storage

• Silenced or Super-Silenced

Exhaust Systems.

• Synchronised and/or

Parallel operation.

• Fire Protection with CO(2)






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