Enclosed / Silenced Generators

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Product Description

IPS’s standard enclosed generators are designed to comply with european noise legislations, this guarantees operation at no louder than 85dB(A) at 1 metre in open field conditions and at 75% of the machines load capability.
Smaller enclosed units can offer lower noise levels. Please call for further information on noise levels of a specific generator.

Super silencing is also an option with most models of generator. IPS’s specially trained engineers are always available to advise on any custom acoustic treatment on canopies, installations and project work.

Large scale drop-over canopies
Typically, for generators above 2000kVA a standard or modified ISO container is too small to use as an enclosure. Fortunately IPS have the experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of large scale drop-over canopies.

Custom designs to accommodate any generator.
If necessary, the whole system can be lifted with the supplied points on the base frame. The canopy can also be raised independently with it’s own top mounted lift points.


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