Open Generators

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Product Description

We can supply any size open generator from 10 to 3000kVA, on its own or as part of a wider project.

Our standard open generators are mounted on heavy duty steel skids and are delivered ready to run and are supplied with an integrated base fuel tank (day tank) which would provide 4-8 hours operation at 100 percent of the machines load capability.

As standard, a key start or automatic start control panel would be mounted on the generator to allow for manual operation or for integration into an existing control system.
Numerous control options are available including load sharing, remote and synchronised parallel operation.

IPS’s open generators are commonly installed as part of a plant room project along with acoustic treatment, silenced exhaust system, bulk fuel storage, mains to generator changeover and switched distribution. The generator can be installed to take advantage of current or planned building management systems, allowing for remote operation, testing and monitoring.

Super silencing is also an option with most models of generator. IPS’s specially trained engineers are always available to advise on any custom acoustic treatment on canopies, installations and project work.


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