Power Box PB20

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Product Description

The IPS Power Box PB20 is a 6,058mm(20’) modified ISO container.
The design is universal, allowing for a wide range of generators to be installed.
The acoustic properties of the enclosure can lower the noise levels of the chosen generator by up to 40dB(A).

Features Include:

  • Emergency stop button
  • Sound proof door with slam fastener
  • Cable entry point with aluminium gland
  • Internal Lighting • 8 x Corner twist-lock blocks, also for lifting
  • Fuel feed & return for connection to optional external bulk tank
  • Emergency task lighting Power Box PB20XT

The Power Box PB20XT is identical to the PB20 in design and specification, except for the extra noise attenuator on the front of the unit and the dual pass exhaust silencer on top of the unit.

The external pod allows room for a 1000kVA generator running at 100% load at levels no louder than 85dB(A) at 1 metre


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