Silenced Diesel Generator Container Power Box

Product Description

Diesel Fuel Tanks & Pump Systems

Stand alone, as part of a wider project or a plant room installation your fuel tank will be fully integrated and maintained as part of the generator system.
A typical fuel tank would include:-
• Pressure tested heavy plate steel construction
• Corrosive resistant
• Mechanical fuel level monitoring
• Outer tank/bund, leak detection
• DEFRA compliance
• Professional installation

All our fuel tanks are double skinned as standard, with the options of double skinned and/or duplex fuel feed and return pipes.
High and low level monitoring is normally included and can act as an early warning alarm in such events as: low fuel level, tanker overfill, or excess ingress of fluid to the bund area.
Once connected to a Building Management System, all the data from the tank sensors would be relayed to the control room for accurate, up to the second monitoring.

Generator Control Panels

There are many options available when installing a diesel generator control panel, certain required features may be project specific. Please call and ask about further control panel and distribution options.

Change-over and Engine Control
Mains to generator change-over, output ratings, engine temperature, overspeed, common shutdown, oil status, TOTAL engine control.

Engine Start – Manual and Auto
Manual start with status indicators, start/stop switch and emergency stop.
Auto start with all major engine controls and indicators with digital readout for all parameters.

Change-over Controls
Mains to generator power with electrically and/or mechanically interlocked change-over.

LV Free Standing Distribution
Usually found in our Sub Stations and Containerised generators, we can supply bespoke distribution panels for domestic, business and industrial applications.


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